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Moving to Australia – Schools in Australia

If you are moving to Australia with children you will be particularly concerned to find good quality schooling for your young ones and rightly so, it is very important that any disruption be kept to a minimum. The good news is that whether you are looking for government schools, private schools, boarding schools, single sex or co-educational schools, the quality and the standards of education in Australia are very high.

From a very early age students are encouraged to develop communication skills, self-discipline, problem solving abilities and respect for themselves and society as a whole and all schools take their responsibilities to their students and their parents very seriously.

Australian schools are places of growth and this growth is encouraged in all aspects of the child’s life from the personal, to the intellectual, and emotional. The teachers give their charges regular feedback about their studies and homework as well as their behaviour in the classroom and parents are given open access to all information regarding their child’s progress and well-being.

Schools in Australia


Kindergarten in Australia is also known as Pre-school and it is at pre-school that very young children are introduced to the idea of learning through play. Preschool usually starts one year prior to the time that the children would attend primary school. At pre-schools the children are introduced to a variety of subjects like mathematics, language, science, and social studies. These subjects are touched on in games, music and art to make children aware of the different concepts. These preschools or kindergarten or day care centres also help the children develop motor skills and it is here, as well as at home, where any problems in those areas can be picked up on. Preschool also helps to shape and mould the person, developing their personality and stimulating their mind.

Primary School
Primary schools offer a comprehensive curriculum in a caring environment where young students are safe, happy and actively engaged in learning. Often, specialist programmes may be included in the curriculum such as a foreign language, the visual arts, P.E, any additional assistance and reading recovery if required. Some primary schools have integrated WRAP, the writing and reading assessment programme with its
multi-sensory teaching. This is aimed at providing all children with the skills to read, spell and write successfully. As well as classroom based teaching, many primary schools run school camps, swimming classes and cycling classes. Many hold interschool sports competitions, arrange buddy programmes and put on school productions. Many of them also provide before and after school care programmes and holiday care.

Secondary School

Australia is highly rated for its secondary school education, particularly among international students. The Australian curriculum delivers quality, internationally recognised education, in a safe, comfortable and multicultural environment. Secondary education in Australia provides the skills for your child’s future study, their employment and their future life in Australia or anywhere else in the world.

The secondary school’s national curriculum was developed to ensure high academic standards across the country, so whilst the different states and territories of Australia may have individual systems of secondary education, they all conform to the same high standards required by the national curriculum.


Studying in Australia at an Australian university or college will open the door to a world of study opportunities that will fill you with knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm. Australia’s higher education sectors offer the complete range of programmes designed to lead to highly regarded and internationally recognised qualifications. Australia is the place to come for a quality education at an affordable price.

Studying in Australia is the perfect way to launch your career. Employment opportunities here open up to those who have degrees from any of the universities, whether it be in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, or any of the other higher-education institutions located around Australia.

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