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International Removals to Australia – planning your overseas move

Moving to Australia or any international destination takes a great deal of planning and a lot of organisation to ensure it runs as stress-free and as smoothly as possible. Here is our guide to moving to Australia – to help you plan your overseas house move.

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Moving to Australia: Obtain Necessary Paperwork

If you are a foreigner planning to live or work in Australia it is likely you will need a visa. The type of visa you require will depend on your personal situation as well as your country of origin.  Australia has several different visa options for UK citizens. Those under the age of 45 may be able to enter with a skilled application visa. To obtain this you need to have a good command of the English language and have skills that are cited on the Employer Nomination Occupation List or Australia’s Skilled Occupation List. This category of visas has a selection of sub categories, either offering permanent or temporary visas.

Another visa type is the employer-sponsored visa which can vary from permanent or temporary visa. After an offer of a job is accepted, the employer must make the application for this. There are also family visas so that children, spouses, parents or other family members can join a permanent resident family member or Australian citizen.

To apply for a visa you must be in good health and sometimes medical tests are required. The applicant must bear their own costs for this.

Choose a Removals Company

This is high priority and should be done as early as possible. It is important to choose wisely – the cost is not the only consideration – it is important that the company offer a high quality international removals service.  Choosing the right removal company can take the stress out of your overseas move and also ensure that your possessions arrive safely, in one piece and at the correct destination. A good international removal company will also anticipate and deal with any pitfalls in advance and assist with paperwork and customs clearance, so all you have to concentrate on is moving in.

To choose a removal company, compare a range of quotes to find the right price and level of service to suit your requirements. It is highly recommended that you budget for professional packing for all overseas moves, so that your belongings are protected during transit. It is also important to take out removals insurance for peace of mind that any damage to your property incurred during the removals is covered. Your international removals company will be able to advise you on your requirements, depending on the amount you are shipping.

MPL can assist you with your move to Australia. Contact us now to discuss your move and we will compare a range of international removal quotes free of charge. Due to our partnerships with removal companies around the world, we can command great reductions on international removal prices and source the right service to suit your individual requirements. Quotes can include any combination of packing, unpacking and cleaning; shipping via 20ft or 40ft container, groupage services or air freight. We will advise on all aspects of your move and the majority of the companies we partner with are either members of the British Association of Removals or FAIM accredited to ensure a high quality, reliable service.

Check Customs Information and What You Can /Can't Import to Australia

Before moving to Australia there are certain customs regulations that you need to be aware of prior to your relocation. Here is a guide to the regulations but please note that these are subject to change at any time so please ensure you check with your international removals company, prior to your departure, so you have the most up-to-date information available.

Current Restrictions

When moving to Australia, foodstuffs are not allowed in your shipment. Restrictions also include the importation of untreated wooden items, skins and feathers and  it is illegal to import furs and tusks from endangered species into the country.

Importing Vehicles into Australia

Before you go make sure your motor vehicle has prior import approval. Motor vehicles include cars, motorised caravans, motorbikes, quad bikes and lawn mowers that you can sit on. They are subject to duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST) which depends on the value and age of the vehicle that you have. Vehicles without the necessary approvals could be re-exported, destroyed or the owner subjected to a possible fine.  Vehicles are to be transported with only a minimal amount of fuel in the tank and the wheels and chassis are to be steam cleaned before the vehicle is shipped over to Australia.

Once imported, all vehicles are subject to Australian safety standards and must comply with these regulations.

A vehicle import approval is also needed for trailers, boats and non-motorised caravans, although you do not have to pay duty or GST on these items.

Choose Schools for Your Children

If you are looking for a school for your child, whether you want a government school, private school, co-education, single sex school or boarding school for your child, the good news is that the standard of education is high in Australia.

The teachers provide regular feedback on your child’s studies, homework and education and parents have open access to all information regarding their child’s progress and general well-being.

In order to choose the right school for your child, firstly select the type of education you require for your child, for example day-school, public or private school, boarding or the possibility of educating your child at home. Then search on the internet to find schools in the area you will be living in to see what is available. Think about what will be most suitable for your child, for example the school’s previous academic results, home language support, clubs, sports facilities or music programmes.  Look at its performance in areas that your child does best in, such as languages, art or sport. Consider the size of the school, the number of pupils and the religious affiliation as well as the connection between the school and local community. Also take into consideration the location of the school, transport to and from the educational facility and the cost or difficulty getting there.

Find Accommodation

If you are moving to Australia to be closer to friends or family then you may be able to stay with them in the short term whilst you adjust to your new life. Those moving for work or other reasons however, will need to their own arrangements.

When relocating to a new country, it is wise to choose temporary rented accommodation, in order to get to know your new area and decide where you want to live. By being in-situ, you can get a true feel for the place and decide which area you would feel most comfortable in when it comes to buying a home – whether that is overlooking the beach, in a city location, a quiet suburb or something more remote.

You can find a wide choice rented accommodation in Australia via the internet. Get in touch with agencies in the area you are planning to locate to and let them know exactly what type of accommodation you have in mind.

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