Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Moving to Australia - Top Australian Cities To Relocate To

Moving to Australia is a dream that many hold dear due to the high quality of life, warm sunny climate, the natural environment and the abundance of space it offers.  All of these things have contributed to Australia being ranked sixth in the World by the Worldwide Quality of Life Index! Now if that’s not an incentive for moving to Australia then what is? 

Rather than being a pipe dream, as it ends up being for most, if you are seriously considering moving to Australia then you need to look at what options are available to you in terms of removals to Australia.  At MPL we offer a friendly and reliable end-to-end service for removals to Australia by providing a full range of shipping and removals services from the UK to Australia and between most other European and international destinations.

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If you are planning on moving to Australia, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on a location.  Australia is a country offering an abundance of fabulous cities to live in including Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, Perth and Adelaide each with loads to offer.

This article aims to highlight some of the top cities which people locate to in Australia and summarises the highlights of each.

Moving to Australia: Sydney

Sydney, Australia’s oldest and largest city is home to the famous Sydney Opera House in one of the world’s most stunning harbours.  Coupled with its easy going outdoor lifestyle, friendly people and a year round climate it’s not surprising that it’s viewed as one of the world’s most appealing cities.

If you’re looking for cosmopolitan style and elegance then look no further than Sydney.  Sydney is Australia’s London, with many of its popular districts named after London tube stations.  Oxford Street and Paddington offer chic in abundance, Kings Cross is infamous with both tourists and locals for its nightlife and dining, whilst the Haymarket is Sydney’s Chinatown and Liverpool Street the Spanish quarter.

Sydney offers a mix of contemporary and colonial architecture creating a vibrant backdrop to the city. And despite it being a city, it occupies at least five major national parks some of which offer views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House - now it doesn’t get much better than that!

The centre of Sydney occupies the Central Business District (CBD) and the cities major shopping centre amidst an eclectic mix of Victorian architecture and ultra modern high rise construction.

High standards of education, first class healthcare, cutting edge technology and world class business and conference facilities are just an added bonus to this truly fabulous city.

Moving to Australia: Canberra
With a population of 345,000, Canberra is the capital city of Australia and Australia’s biggest inland city.  Although it does not benefit from a coastal location as the vast majority of Australia’s cities do, it has much to offer.  An excellent education system, health service, some of the lowest levels of unemployment and the highest salaries in Australia make this a popular haven for the young. 

The city is well thought out in terms of its architecture making it easy to get about and congestion is almost unheard of in Canberra with most journeys taking no longer than 25 minutes wherever you are starting from.

Low crime rates make this an extremely safe city to live in and the culture is equally relaxed which is possibly due to its community hub construction where commercial and social activities are centred in towns which surround the main city.  Each town offers its own shopping, schooling and entertainment so everything you need is immediately accessible.

Canberra’s climate is not immediately what you’d expect of Australia.  Although relatively dry , winters can be cold with an annual snowfall in surrounding areas offering the benefit of nearby winter sports such as skiing and boarding.

Moving to Australia: Darwin
Darwin is a city with a work hard play hard culture and due to its coastal location in Queensland it offers its residents a wealth of wonderful beaches and the weather to enjoy them. In July, Darwin’s coolest month, temperatures rarely drop below 9.5 degrees - a winter us Brits can only dream about!

In addition to the clear blue skies, the vibrant city of Darwin is a clean and modern city with a bustling Central Business District and healthy economy to match.  This is a city which attracts big business with many global organisations in a range of business sectors located here.  Despite being a hub of business activity the working culture is generally relaxed with low stress levels.  Once work is done, Darwin’s fabulous outdoor lifestyle beckons with visits to the beach, a barbecue or a walk in the hills all popular pastimes.  If culture’s more your thing, then there’s no shortage in Darwin - theatre, ballet, opera, concerts, art galleries and museums such as the Queensland Museum and Sciencecentre can all be found here - Darwin truly has it all!

Darwin is also a shopaholic’s paradise; the undercover Queens Street Mall occupies some 500 stores!  Fashionistas will love the five floors of designer labels at the Myer Centre whilst those looking for a more bohemian shopping experience should take in the delights of the South Bank Markets held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Moving to Australia: Perth
Located in Western Australia, Perth is a location best suited to families looking for relaxed suburban living.  It is not the ideal location if you are young and looking for nightlife.  Perth is renowned for being extremely friendly and relaxed in comparison to many of Australia’s larger cities on the Eastern Coast.

Perth is regarded as a very isolated, almost island like city due to it being surrounded by desert on one side and a vast expanse of sea on the other.  Whilst this location may initially seem disadvantageous, its position means that the city benefits from an extremely spacious and clean environment.  You’ll also benefit from Perth’s Mediterranean climate and its spectacular Indian Ocean sunsets. 

Due to the available space, housing in Perth is predominantly detached with wide and relatively traffic free streets and avenues offering a safe environment for children to play.  Almost a quarter of Perth’s population is British and the majority of migrants live in the highly regarded North and West of the city.  Although the journey from these popular areas can often be busy, during business hours the city does operate a regular and inexpensive public transport system.

Moving to Australia: Adelaide
Although far from being Australia’s most well known city, this is perhaps the most liveable city of them all.  Again affording a stunning coastal location, this city has something for everyone whether you’re young free and single or bringing up a family.  Adelaide is a city with a truly unique layout because it is entwined with so much open green parkland - perfect for enjoying the  weather here, which is equally beautiful.  Heritage Parkland, stunning beaches and the Adelaide Hills give this city a wonderful family vibe.  The compact city centre and rural surrounding areas mean that this is a city with a suburban feel, making it ideal for those who want a mix of city and country living.
As the fifth largest Australian city with a population of little over a million, the cost of living in Adelaide is fairly high but lower than many of the other large cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.  Adelaide also boasts a state of the art, public transport system which is efficient and reliable and continues to benefit from state Government investment.

With its location in Southern Australia, Adelaide is known as the wine capital of the new world producing some of the finest whites, rosé and reds that Australia has to offer.  Aside from its wine, Adelaide is probably best known for its festivals, in particular the Adelaide Festival of Arts & the Fringe Festival which is Australia's leading festival taking place biannually in March. 

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