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Moving to Australia - In the Spotlight: New South Wales

MPL specialise in providing removals to Australia, including New South Wales, from the UK and between most European and international destinations.  MPL’s services for removals to Australia compare literally hundreds of quotes on your behalf ensuring they provide not only the best price for your removals to Australia but a high quality service too.  The majority of our partners are  FAIM accredited and BAR registered companies, which guarantees that MPL are dealing with some of the most respected companies for your removals to Australia.

As well as dealing with purely domestic removals to Australia, MPL can provide all types of removals including commercial, vehicles and the removal of your most treasured specialist items.  There are a number of shipping options available for removals to Australia depending on how much or how little you want to move.  20ft and 40ft containers are available for sole use or groupage, where your items are grouped together with similar consignments being shipped to the same destination.  As part of our removals to Australia service, we can also provide an airfreight service which is generally reserved for items which are required quickly such as clothes or documentation.

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In this article, we explore the state of New South Wales.

Moving to Australia - The State of New South Wales

Home to 7.2million residents, almost a third of the total national population, the state of New South Wales is the most populous and industrial state in Australia. 

Offering a diverse landscape of coastline and outback and a favourable climate, it’s not surprising that New South Wales continues to be a popular location for migration.  New South Wales is located in the South East of Australia and is blessed with mild winters and warm summers which most of us can only dream about.  It is also home to Australia’s capital, Canberra, and the country’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, Sydney. 

New South Wales is awash with fascinating landmarks making it a geographical wonderland which is popular with tourists.  Whilst the west of the state is dry and arid, the east is lush and green with farmland dotted in-between. The state of New South Wales has no shortage of long stunning beaches to enjoy in the summer and mountain ranges offering a raft of snow sports to enjoy in the winter.

The city of Sydney is one of Australia’s oldest and largest cities, possibly best known for its Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and being host to the 2000 Olympic Games.  But Sydney has so much more to offer besides. Its many accessible and stunning beaches which stretch from North to South, make Sydney a truly fabulous place to live as there are still plenty of hours of sunshine left once you have finished work. Bondi and Manly are the most famous beaches in Sydney, but these are just two of many. 

As well as beaches, Sydney has a vast and colourful outback, meandering waterways and Australia’s highest mountain range.  The Snowy Mountains stretch from Canberra to Victoria and are the location of Mount Kosciuszko, the highest mountain in Australia which towers more than 7000ft above sea level and is covered in snow from June right through to October.  This range of mountains is not only popular with climbers but is home to Australia’s only ski resorts which include Thredbo and Perisher.  Another mountain range, the Blue Mountains, whose name is derived from the blue haze produced by the oil of the Eucalyptus forests which surround them, is something of outstanding natural beauty regardless of the time of year they are visited.

As well as the sheer natural beauty of Sydney, you cannot overlook the city’s air of cosmopolitan chic and desire for the finer things in life.  Whilst this is reflected in the relative cost of living, Sydney is considered one of the best cities to live in the world and only marginally more expensive than living in London. Sydney is not only home to one of the world’s great seaports, but is also an important international centre for finance which make it one of the commercial hubs of Australia.

Wollongong is a seaside city situated 82km south of Sydney on the East Coast of New South Wales in an area known as Illawarra. Wollongong which takes its name from the aboriginal, meaning ‘sound of the sea’, is the third largest city in New South Wales with almost 300,000 residents.  The city’s multicultural population makes Wollongong an exciting place to live in terms of its entertainment and dining scene. Its many restaurants, cafes and bars offer a diverse mix of tastes and flavours to cater for everyone.  Wollongong’s free weekly market on a Friday at the lower end of the popular shopping district of Crown Street Mall, provides the ideal opportunity to sample some of the wonderful cuisine available in this city. Try the Asian inspired curries or Korean style cuisine or, for those with a sweeter tooth, the homemade cakes on offer. 

The Wollongong markets are also popular for therapeutic treatments such as massage and iridology readings; farm fresh fruit and vegetables and beautiful homemade creations such as jewellery and handmade soaps.
Crown Street Mall is a fashionista’s paradise and offers the best shopping in the Illawarra district.  The Mall is open 7 days a week, with free parking on Sundays and the vast array of shops make it popular with both residents and tourists.

The main industries of Wollongong include coal mining, steel production and fishing.
The harbour city of Newcastle is located 160km north of Sydney and is the second oldest city in Australia.  The city has an interesting history and was the location of a punishment settlement for convicts in the 1800’s. Today it is better known as the world’s largest harbour for the export of coal. 
The city has a large student population of around 20,000 due to the University of Newcastle and although considered a cosmopolitan location, enjoys a relaxed and welcoming lifestyle with a relatively low cost of living.

Newcastle’s unusual location at the mouth of the Hunter River, make it the only Australian city with a central business district (CBD) simultaneously on the beach and harbour waterfront. The harbour is surrounded by large areas of parkland which, due to the city’s average temperatures of 18-27 degrees, are popular for picnics, bike rides, jogging and relaxing.  Newcastle is also renowned for having some of the best beaches in Australia. Whilst they are popular for all types of water sports, this city has a particular surf culture.  
Located just a short drive from Sydney is the Central Coast which is a popular residential area for those commuting to Sydney for work.  The Central Coast is located on the Pacific between Sydney and Newcastle and is made up of a collection of smaller towns including Umina, Kincumber, Terrigal, Wyong and Gosford, which have amalgamated due to expansion.

Other popular areas for UK emigrants in New South Wales include the coastal areas of Port Macquarie or Ballina, or further inland at Wagga Wagga, Griffith, Broken Hill, Bourke or Dubbo.
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Moving to Australia - In the Spotlight: Queensland

MPL specialise in both domestic and commercial removals to Australia, shipping to all states and territories including the state of Queensland.  Years of experience in providing removals to Australia and a network of partners the majority of which are either FAIM or BAR accredited make us extremely well positioned to provide a high quality and reliable service for removals to Australia.  By comparing quotes for removals to Australia from a wide range of firms, we can provide you with the best price to meet your specific requirements.

We can provide a range of shipping options for removals to Australia including the sole use of a 20 or 40ft container, a groupage service where your items will be packed with others being shipped to the same location, the shipment of specialist items, airfreight for important documents or items required immediately - we will even arrange for the transportation of family pets or vehicles should these services be required.

Whatever your requirements for removals to Australia, our friendly advisers will be available to help you every step of the way.

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In this article, we look at living in the state of Queensland.

Moving to Australia - The State of Queensland

Situated in the North East of Australia’s mainland, the state of Queensland has a population of 4.5 million with thousands more emigrating here every year.  Queensland is currently the fastest growing state in Australia with the best performing economy.  Such rapid economic growth and a growing reputation for innovation have earned Queensland an accolade as the ‘Smart State’.  The Government of Queensland is continually encouraging highly skilled workers to the state to support its growth in return for high standards of living and excellent working conditions.  Of particular importance are the consolidation of industries such as agriculture, mining and tourism and increasingly new technologies in the areas of communications, IT, construction, engineering, biotechnology, health and education.

Australia’s second largest state, Queensland, is surrounded by vibrant modern cities and natural beauty in abundance.  As well as its thriving economy, Queensland offers the lowest costs of living in Australia, a relaxed lifestyle, enviable climate and great food and wine, making it an increasingly popular location for immigrants.  Occupying the same latitude as the likes of Rio de Janeiro, Fiji and Tahiti in the southern hemisphere, and Hawaii and the Caribbean in the northern hemisphere, means that Queensland benefits from a sub-tropical climate, with warm, humid summers and mild, clear winters.

Queensland is perhaps best known for its pristine coastline, in particular the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island - the world’s largest sand island. However it is also the location of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests and a vast outback.

Brisbane, the state capital, has a population of 1.6 million and a reputation built on its laid back way of life.  It enjoys an average of 263 days of sunshine and 10.5hrs of daylight.  These two factors alone probably account for why so many people decide to call Brisbane home. 

As with the rest of Queensland, Brisbane benefits from a thriving economy, predominantly based on IT and finance.  Many Australian and International companies, including Asia-Pacific Aerospace, have chosen Brisbane as a base.

Cairns is a coastal city located in the Far North Queensland region.  It is the fourth most popular destination for international tourists in Australia after Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane due to its close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef.  A spectacular backdrop of lush tropical mountains and sparkling Coral Sea make Cairns a truly wonderful place to visit, let alone live.  Cairns attracts a significant number of Australian holidaymakers so it is not surprising that tourism is the number one industry in this city.  A close second is shopping, with Cairns Centre located in the SBD, Stockland Cairns in the suburb of Earlville and recently refurbished Westcourt - one of the city’s oldest shopping centres.  The Cairns Esplanade Foreshore and Lagoon offers year round swimming, a stunning location for a picnic and a boardwalk for jogging, cycling or a romantic sunset walk.  You can also see weekly entertainment in the form of live music, fire twirling, animal shows and famed Cairns buskers.

The Gold Coast offers yet another truly beautiful place to live in Queensland; choose to live by the beach, opt for a river view on one of the canals or up in the mountains by the Hinterland.  There is also plentiful housing in the middle of town or in the suburbs which are perfect for raising a family.  Australia’s largest non-capital city, the Gold Coast is the sixth largest city in Australia and is fast becoming the regional sporting events capital.  With some 500,000 residents and host to millions of visitors very year, the Gold Coast is a particularly exciting community to live in.  With over 50 suburbs to choose from and new ones being created every year to cater for the rapid growth in population, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Despite the relaxed beach life culture, the fast population growth has seen a big expansion in the number and quality of education and health services on the Gold Coast.

If coastal or city living are not for you then a country location such as Normanton could be what you are looking for.  Normanton is a small cattle town located on the Norman River in the Gulf Country region of the northwest of Queensland.  The Gulf Country, or Gulf Savannah as it is sometimes referred to due to the golden savannah grasslands which it resides on, is home to an abundance of wildlife.  From this beautiful country location you will get to enjoy an outdoors lifestyle in a rustic landscape which boasts stunning sunrises and sunsets. There is a real sense of freedom in Normanton; a strong community spirit in a relaxed and friendly environment is certainly a big part of this town’s appeal.

Other popular residential areas in Queensland include the coastal towns of Surfers Paradise, Gladstone and Rockhampton and inland towns such as Cloncurry, Emerald and Charleville.

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Moving to Australia – In the Spotlight: Canberra

Thinking of moving to Australia?  If so, you need to be sure that you select a well established and reliable removals company providing international removals to Australia.

Moving Partnership (MPL) provide first-class services for shipping and removals to Australia, including removals to Australia’s capital city, Canberra.  Our removals to Australia service can alleviate much of the associated stress of such a life changing event. Our service works like this:

Starting with our worldwide network of partners we will compare a range of quotes for removals to Australia and find the best priced, most suitable service for your individual requirements.  Many of our partners are  BAR/FAIM accredited meaning that you can rest assured that your possessions are in safe hands during your move. What's more, because of our connections with removal companies worldwide, we are able to pass on significant savings on the cost of removals and shipping to Australia.

Our friendly team with be on hand from start to finish to provide you full support with your removals to Australia - answering any questions you may have and assisting with all aspects of customers clearance and paperwork.

We can also provide quotes for the shipping of pets, vehicles and other specialist items.

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This article investigates Canberra as a possible location for you to consider when moving to Australia.

Moving to Australia: About Canberra

Canberra, the capital city of Australia offers everything you’d expect from a capital city however unlike most of Australia’s cities, it is located inland rather than on the coast.  That said Canberra is in easy reach of the bush, the delights of Sydney, south coast beaches and snowfields; something not generally associated with Australia but great for those who love to ski or board.

Canberra was chosen as the capital city of Australia back in 1908 as a compromise between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s two largest cities.  Canberra is known as the ‘bush capital’ due to its significant areas of natural vegetation and its residents are commonly referred to as Canberrans.

Despite being a capital city, Canberra offers a relaxed lifestyle; in fact the very spirit of Canberra is community living.  You can expect a clean and safe place to live with a low crime rate, great schooling and a health service to match. 

The climate in Canberra is less humid than its coastal cousins; it is relatively dry and has a more continental feel.  Summers are warm to hot and winters can be cold.  Fog and frost are not uncommon in winter and although the Central Business District (CBD) tends to escape the snow the surrounding areas do receive a spattering of annual snowfall and the snow capped mountains can often be seen from the city centre.

Moving to Australia: Living in Canberra

The wide range of housing in Canberra makes it possible for you to choose a lifestyle which is suited to you and your circumstances.  Housing ranges from city apartments, large homes and opportunities to purchase sizeable blocks of land.

Canberra is a planned city designed by American Architect, Walter Burley Griffin, and is arranged in a series of town centres which are divided into smaller suburbs.  Some of these town centres include Woden Valley, Tuggeranong, Belconnen and Gugahlin which benefit from individual shopping centres, schools and community facilities and more importantly excellent work opportunities - a great incentive for moving to Australia.

Woden Valley provides a good range of well established new houses and apartments and has an excellent location only a few kilometres south of the city, close to the town centre and Canberra hospital.

Further south is the town of Tuggeranong providing a mix of affordable new and established housing, large blocks of land and plentiful open space making it an ideal location for families.

Northwest of the city is Belconnen which is very much centred around education and sport - the University of Canberra, Canberra’s Institute of Technology, Australian Institute of Sport and Canberra Stadium are all located here.  Belconnen also offers fabulous shopping and fresh food markets.

Canberra’s newest town is Gungahlin which is popular with first time home buyers and young families due to the range of housing and the fact that it is within 20 minutes drive of the city centre.  In addition to some established homes and townhouses, Gugahlin provides the opportunity to purchase land and house/land purchases.

The careful planning of Canberra means that each of its town centres is linked by some of the best roads Australia has to offer and probably explains why the most popular form of transport in this city is the car.  For those that don’t drive, there is a bus service, ACTION, which runs throughout the city and trains which connect Canberra with other cities including Sydney.  Canberra’s hundreds of kilometres of bike paths are a popular alternative to driving and allow you to take advantage of the fabulous air and spectacular scenery.  ACTION’s bus service also provides a ‘bike and ride’ service.

Property prices in Canberra are relatively high but cheaper than the likes of Sydney. This attracts a young population with an average age of mid thirties.  Renting however is renowned for being extremely pricey due to the shortage of land, but this is offset by the excellent salaries on offer.

Moving to Australia: Working in Canberra

There are lots of opportunities for skilled workers in Canberra and you will additionally be rewarded with the highest levels of pay for full time positions anywhere in Australia.  The city of Canberra also enjoys consistently low levels of unemployment and relatively short commuting times - you can get almost anywhere in the city in around 25 minutes.

This is a well educated city with around 30% of Canberrans holding the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree which far exceeds the national average of 19%.

Canberra is home to Parliament House, the High Court and numerous other government departments and agencies meaning that a high proportion of public servants are employed in the city.  The Federal Government continues to be the largest single employer in Canberra.

Although a major employer in the public sector, over half of Canberra’s workforce is employed by some 250,000 private sector businesses which range from small to large multi-nationals organisations.

Moving to Australia: Leisure in Canberra

Canberra offers great nightlife, fantastic shopping and a cosmopolitan café/restaurant culture which is perhaps another reason this city attracts such a young population.

Canberra’s recently renovated shopping precinct offers a buzzing and vibrant atmosphere with a range of large department stores, trendy boutiques and more specialist stores - so you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for here!  Not forgetting that each of the surrounding town centres provide alternative shopping, fresh food markets and entertainment adding to that Canberran community feel.

You’ll be spoilt for choice for eateries too; Canberra has cafés, pubs, bars and clubs in abundance as well as award winning restaurants offering fine dining experiences.  Particularly popular cosmopolitan suburbs are Kingston and Manuka which provide a wealth of cafés, fabulous restaurants, bars as well as trendy boutique shopping.  These suburbs are extremely lively at the weekends offering a great place to meet up with friends.
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Moving to Australia - Top Australian Cities To Relocate To

Moving to Australia is a dream that many hold dear due to the high quality of life, warm sunny climate, the natural environment and the abundance of space it offers.  All of these things have contributed to Australia being ranked sixth in the World by the Worldwide Quality of Life Index! Now if that’s not an incentive for moving to Australia then what is? 

Rather than being a pipe dream, as it ends up being for most, if you are seriously considering moving to Australia then you need to look at what options are available to you in terms of removals to Australia.  At MPL we offer a friendly and reliable end-to-end service for removals to Australia by providing a full range of shipping and removals services from the UK to Australia and between most other European and international destinations.

Our removals to Australia works in the following way. We compare a range of quotations from our network of professional removals companies and find the best most suitable service to meet your requirements. This saves you both time and money when booking your removals to Australia, and we are able to pass on significant discounts due to the volume of removals we arrange. To ensure that our clients receive the best possible service most of the companies that we partner with are either BAR registered or FAIM accredited.

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If you are planning on moving to Australia, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on a location.  Australia is a country offering an abundance of fabulous cities to live in including Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, Perth and Adelaide each with loads to offer.

This article aims to highlight some of the top cities which people locate to in Australia and summarises the highlights of each.

Moving to Australia: Sydney

Sydney, Australia’s oldest and largest city is home to the famous Sydney Opera House in one of the world’s most stunning harbours.  Coupled with its easy going outdoor lifestyle, friendly people and a year round climate it’s not surprising that it’s viewed as one of the world’s most appealing cities.

If you’re looking for cosmopolitan style and elegance then look no further than Sydney.  Sydney is Australia’s London, with many of its popular districts named after London tube stations.  Oxford Street and Paddington offer chic in abundance, Kings Cross is infamous with both tourists and locals for its nightlife and dining, whilst the Haymarket is Sydney’s Chinatown and Liverpool Street the Spanish quarter.

Sydney offers a mix of contemporary and colonial architecture creating a vibrant backdrop to the city. And despite it being a city, it occupies at least five major national parks some of which offer views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House - now it doesn’t get much better than that!

The centre of Sydney occupies the Central Business District (CBD) and the cities major shopping centre amidst an eclectic mix of Victorian architecture and ultra modern high rise construction.

High standards of education, first class healthcare, cutting edge technology and world class business and conference facilities are just an added bonus to this truly fabulous city.

Moving to Australia: Canberra
With a population of 345,000, Canberra is the capital city of Australia and Australia’s biggest inland city.  Although it does not benefit from a coastal location as the vast majority of Australia’s cities do, it has much to offer.  An excellent education system, health service, some of the lowest levels of unemployment and the highest salaries in Australia make this a popular haven for the young. 

The city is well thought out in terms of its architecture making it easy to get about and congestion is almost unheard of in Canberra with most journeys taking no longer than 25 minutes wherever you are starting from.

Low crime rates make this an extremely safe city to live in and the culture is equally relaxed which is possibly due to its community hub construction where commercial and social activities are centred in towns which surround the main city.  Each town offers its own shopping, schooling and entertainment so everything you need is immediately accessible.

Canberra’s climate is not immediately what you’d expect of Australia.  Although relatively dry , winters can be cold with an annual snowfall in surrounding areas offering the benefit of nearby winter sports such as skiing and boarding.

Moving to Australia: Darwin
Darwin is a city with a work hard play hard culture and due to its coastal location in Queensland it offers its residents a wealth of wonderful beaches and the weather to enjoy them. In July, Darwin’s coolest month, temperatures rarely drop below 9.5 degrees - a winter us Brits can only dream about!

In addition to the clear blue skies, the vibrant city of Darwin is a clean and modern city with a bustling Central Business District and healthy economy to match.  This is a city which attracts big business with many global organisations in a range of business sectors located here.  Despite being a hub of business activity the working culture is generally relaxed with low stress levels.  Once work is done, Darwin’s fabulous outdoor lifestyle beckons with visits to the beach, a barbecue or a walk in the hills all popular pastimes.  If culture’s more your thing, then there’s no shortage in Darwin - theatre, ballet, opera, concerts, art galleries and museums such as the Queensland Museum and Sciencecentre can all be found here - Darwin truly has it all!

Darwin is also a shopaholic’s paradise; the undercover Queens Street Mall occupies some 500 stores!  Fashionistas will love the five floors of designer labels at the Myer Centre whilst those looking for a more bohemian shopping experience should take in the delights of the South Bank Markets held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Moving to Australia: Perth
Located in Western Australia, Perth is a location best suited to families looking for relaxed suburban living.  It is not the ideal location if you are young and looking for nightlife.  Perth is renowned for being extremely friendly and relaxed in comparison to many of Australia’s larger cities on the Eastern Coast.

Perth is regarded as a very isolated, almost island like city due to it being surrounded by desert on one side and a vast expanse of sea on the other.  Whilst this location may initially seem disadvantageous, its position means that the city benefits from an extremely spacious and clean environment.  You’ll also benefit from Perth’s Mediterranean climate and its spectacular Indian Ocean sunsets. 

Due to the available space, housing in Perth is predominantly detached with wide and relatively traffic free streets and avenues offering a safe environment for children to play.  Almost a quarter of Perth’s population is British and the majority of migrants live in the highly regarded North and West of the city.  Although the journey from these popular areas can often be busy, during business hours the city does operate a regular and inexpensive public transport system.

Moving to Australia: Adelaide
Although far from being Australia’s most well known city, this is perhaps the most liveable city of them all.  Again affording a stunning coastal location, this city has something for everyone whether you’re young free and single or bringing up a family.  Adelaide is a city with a truly unique layout because it is entwined with so much open green parkland - perfect for enjoying the  weather here, which is equally beautiful.  Heritage Parkland, stunning beaches and the Adelaide Hills give this city a wonderful family vibe.  The compact city centre and rural surrounding areas mean that this is a city with a suburban feel, making it ideal for those who want a mix of city and country living.
As the fifth largest Australian city with a population of little over a million, the cost of living in Adelaide is fairly high but lower than many of the other large cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.  Adelaide also boasts a state of the art, public transport system which is efficient and reliable and continues to benefit from state Government investment.

With its location in Southern Australia, Adelaide is known as the wine capital of the new world producing some of the finest whites, rosé and reds that Australia has to offer.  Aside from its wine, Adelaide is probably best known for its festivals, in particular the Adelaide Festival of Arts & the Fringe Festival which is Australia's leading festival taking place biannually in March. 

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Moving to Australia - In the Spotlight: South Australia

Moving Partnership specialise in international removals, including removals to Australia. Our removals to Australia service includes shipping to all states and territories including South Australia, from the UK and between most other European and international destinations. We can also arrange removals from Australia back the other way.

For removals to Australia, we compare removal quotes from a wide range of high quality, respected firms to find the best priced, most suitable removals service to suit your particular requirements. We assist with all types of domestic and commercial removals to Australia as well as the shipment of specialist items such as musical instruments, artwork, antiques and vehicles and pets. Our service is tailored to your individual requirements and can include full or part load removals and shipping in 20 ft / 40 ft containers and the transportation of urgent items by air freight.

Our removals to Australia quotes are provided free of charge and most of the companies we partner with are FAIM accredited or BAR registered.

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In this article, we explore the state of South Australia.

Moving to Australia: The State of South Australia

South Australia has a population of 1.5 million. It is one of the least populated states and territories on the Australian mainland, second only to the Northern Territory which has around 225,000 inhabitants. Three quarters of the people who live in South Australia reside in the state’s capital city, Adelaide.

The state is the only one that shares its borders with all the Australian states and the Northern Territory. It is also known as the driest state on the world’s driest continent. The southern settled districts experience mild winters and hot dry summers with maximum temperatures in Adelaide ranging from 15 C in winter and 30 C in summer.

South Australia is a major wine producing region with the Barossa Valley located here which is known as Australia’s wine capital. Indeed as much as 50 per cent of Australia’s total wine production comes from South Australia including well-known brands such as Jacob’s Creek and Penfold’s Grange.

South Australia and the state capital, Adelaide, is thought of as a very attractive place to live and work. In fact Adelaide was recorded by The Property Council of Australia as the most liveable city in the country. This is partly because of the beaches, culture, food and wine and also because it offers such a low cost of living. The price of homes here are much cheaper compared to Sydney and Melbourne, with average house prices set at around 400,000 Australian Dollars which is half what you would pay in Sydney for the same type of property, and two thirds that of Melbourne.

Food and wine is a major part of the South Australian lifestyle. The food in South Australia is of world class standard and there are many central markets where you can sample gourmet delights. You can also enjoy plenty of fresh seafood here including crayfish, oysters, giant snapper and King George whiting.

The state offers a very relaxed, outdoors-based lifestyle with many hours of sunshine. And with average winters at 15 degrees, its inhabitants can enjoy outdoor living all year round. The beaches offer plenty for fun for everyone, whether that's diving off one of many shipwrecks off the white sand beach of Kangaroo Island’s Vivonne Bay, once dubbed Australia’s best beach, or taking part in a dolphin spotting cruise from Adelaide. Others may enjoy kayaking in the sea or simply relaxing on the sands with a good book.

It is also very easy to get out and about in Adelaide which is known as a 20 minute city because you can get from where A to B in less than half an hour. This is great for those who work, as the short commute times mean leaving for work later and getting home earlier - allowing more time to relax and spend with friends / family. The transport system is well run and includes free buses and trams between some destinations. Free transport includes the 99C bus, the free tram between North Terrace and south Terrace and the Adelaide Connector Free Bus Service which connects main facilities (including shopping districts) within Adelaide city centre and north Adelaide.

Some 13 per cent of the working population in South Australia are employed in health care and social assistance and around 12 percent in the retail industry. Manufacturing, the high tech electronics industries, and defence industries also play a major role in the economy of South Australia and almost half of the cars produced in Australia are made in Adelaide.

As South Australia has relatively a small population, there are not many major cities. The second most populated city after the state capital Adelaide is Mount Gambier. This is a popular stop off point for tourists as it lies half way between Melbourne and Adelaide and is famous for its blue lake which changes colour each year.

The rest of its city's are all coastal and include Port Pirie which is two hours from Adelaide and is South Australia’s second largest Port. It is also a centre for the metal industry, fishing and grain production. Port Augusta is a seaport and also a railway junction city as it enjoys a unique position at the crossroads of Australia and is the southern gateway to the Northern Territory. Whyalla is a seaport and South Australia’s third most populated city and Port Lincoln is an attractive coastal city described as the ‘seafood capital of Australia’. Major towns are Renmark and Murray Bridge.

Moving Partnership Limited can move you to all parts of Southern Australia including Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Port Pirie, Port Augusta, Whyalla and Port Lincoln.

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Moving to Australia - Get to Know Your States and Territories

Are you moving to Australia? If so, Moving Partnership (MPL) provide  competitively priced international shipping and removals to Australia from the UK, Europe and most overseas destinations. We also provide removals from Australia back the other way. Whatever your requirements, our partnerships with removal companies worldwide enable us to provide the best possible prices for moving to Australia, without compromising on quality.  We compare a range of quotes for removals to Australia, free of charge and will then recommend the most suitable removals company for the job, to suit your individual requirements.

Our removals to Australia services include full container load shipping, which is the quickest and most direct way to ship the majority of your belongings to Australia. Or we can offer a groupage (part load service) for smaller moves, and air freight for small, urgent items.

We partner with the most reputable and best removal companies to ensure that your removals to Australia, whether domestic or commercial, is carried out to the highest possible standards. Most of the companies we partner with are either British Association of Removers (BAR) registered or FAIM accredited to ensure that your move to Australia service goes smoothly from start to finish. 

Our moving to Australia service covers all areas of the Commonwealth of Australia, the six states -  New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia - and the various territories including the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.

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Moving to Australia: States and Territories

If you are considering moving to Australia and have not yet decided where in Australia you want to move to, this guide is for you!  Read on for a brief overview of the five states and territories on mainland Australia and the sixth state of Tasmania which is made up of islands. 

New South Wales

New South Wales is the most populated state of Australia with more than 7 million inhabitants and 34 percent of Australian’s living here. It situated in the east of Australia and is bordered by Victoria, South Australia and Queensland and to the east is the Tasmanian Sea. Jervis Bay Territory and The Australian Capital Territory, which contains Australia’s capital Canberra, are Federal enclaves of New South Wales.

More 60 percent of the population of New South Wales live in the state’s capital, Sydney, which has the deepest natural harbour in the world. Sydney is a tourist hot-spot where major draws include Sydney Opera House - one of the most recognisable buildings of the 20th century - and Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is affectionately called the coat hanger because of its design. Many international companies have their headquarters in Sydney’s Central Business District which also attracts IT and financial services industries.

Tourism employs nearly 5 per cent of the workforce in New South Wales and visitors are attracted to Sydney and the coastal towns of Port Macquaire, Coffs Harbour, Nowra and Lismore. The Snowy Mountains region draws people for skiing during the winter months.

The state’s biggest export is coal and coal related products which accounts for nearly 20 per cent of exports from New South Wales. In addition. agriculture is  an important part of the economy, with the main livestock being cattle sheep and pigs. New South Wales is also an important wine producing region.  The Hunter Valley vineyards are located here, some of the oldest and most well known in all of Australia, which produce distinctive styles of Semillon, Chardonnay and Shiraz wine.


Queensland is the northeast state of Australia. With a population of 4.5 million, it is bordered by the Northern Territory, New South Wales and South Australia, and the Pacific Ocean and the Coral Sea to the east. Its capital is Brisbane which is named after the river it is on and after the governor of New South Wales from 1821 - 1825, who was called Sir Thomas Brisbane.

Brisbane has a thriving economy, which includes many IT and financial services industries within the Central Business District. Also there are a large number of Australian and international companies who have set up base here including Asia Pacific Aerospace Headquarters.

The state has hot and humid summers and fairly dry and warm winters with top temperatures averaging between 22 - 30C throughout the year and boasting 300 sunshine days a year. It has stunning landscapes including the lush green Daintree rainforest, the golden beaches on the Sunshine Coast and the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

South Australia

South Australia is in the southern central part of the country and has some of the driest areas in the whole of the continent. It has a population of 1.5 million and shares borders with all the Australian states as well as the Northern Territory. Its capital is Adelaide which is home to three quarters of its citizens.

Health care, social assistance, the retail trade and manufacturing makes up the bulk of the economy in South Australia. Major industries include automobile and parts, meat, wine, wool, fish, metal, petroleum products and defence technology.  The Olympic Dam, which is located here, contains 40 per cent of the world’s uranium reserves.

The Property Council of Australia ranked Adelaide as the most livable city in Australia and it is known for its beaches, festivals, wine, food, sporting events and culture. It has a Mediterranean climate and top temperatures vary between 15 C in winter and 26 - 29C in summer.


Tasmania boasts the cleanest air in the world. It consists of the island of Tasmania and 334 islands. It is a very unspoilt state with nearly 40 per cent of Tasmania made up of stunning national parks, nature reserves and World Heritage sites.

Half a million people live in the state with half residing in the greater Hobart precinct. The state’s capital, Hobart, is a busy port and cruise ship destination. Its main industries are ship building, light industry manufacturing, production of beers and tourism. Countryside areas outside the city are known for their production of wine. Hobart has a vibrant nightlife with many restaurants and cafes and bars. Another tourist draw is the weekly market in Salamanca Place which has 300 stalls and attracts around 25,000 visitors every Saturday.

Tasmania has four separate seasons with the coldest being winter between June and August which experiences snowfall in the higher regions. Winter sees highs of 12 C on the coastal areas and 3 C in the central region. The summer temperatures in the greater Hobart area see average highs of around 21 C.


Victoria is the smallest state in Australia and is located in the south east of the country. It is the most densely populated state with 5.5 million living here and three quarters of these live in the state capital Melbourne.
It benefits from the second largest economy after New South Wales and the highest income producing sectors are finance, insurance and property services. 15 per cent of people in Victoria are employed in the manufacturing industry, making equipment, food, drinks and chemicals. It also has a large agricultural sector and is the centre of dairy farming in Australia.

Victoria is home to national parks such as the stunning Port Campbell National Park and interesting spa towns such as Hepburn Springs and Daylesford, which attract many tourists during the peak summer months.

Western Australia

Western Australia is by far the country’s largest state and is about the size of western Europe. It has a population of 2.3 million and most people (85 per cent) who live here occupy the state’s south western corner. 

The capital is Perth which in 2011 was dubbed the eighth most livable city in the world, according to The Economist. Perth is regarded as the country’s sunniest capital with 3,000 sunshine hours a year. It offers a relaxed outdoors lifestyle, some of the country’s best beaches, a lively and vibrant night life and busy markets. Perth also has the highest number of cafes in the world per head of population.

Western Australia has an economy that thrives on agriculture, tourism and mining. A wide range of mineral and petroleum products are extracted and processed here including crude oil, liquid natural gas, gold, ammonia and iron oil. The state is also a major exporter of wheat, sheep, wool and cattle. In fact, some of its cattle stations are the size of England.

Northern Territory

This is the least populated of Australia’s states and territories with just over a quarter of a million people living here. It also has a very youthful population - the youngest in Australia, with the largest proportion of under fifteens living here compared to the rest of the continent.

Tourism is a major industry in the Northern Territory with many people coming to see its beautiful and diverse landscapes including breathtaking waterfalls, springs, rock falls, and fascinating wildlife. The sacred Aboriginal site, Ayres Rock - the world’s largest monolith - and Kakadu National Park are both located here.

Darwin is the main city in the Northern Territory. It is a modern, multicultural city built overlooking the harbour on the Timor Sea and because of its location it serves as the gateway to Asia.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Removals to Australia - Why Choose Moving Partnership?

For removals to Australia it is essential to find a removal company you can trust. Moving Partnership (MPL) specialise in European, International and UK removals including removals to Australia and cover all domestic and commercial moves. We can also provide competitive quotes for the shipping of pets, vehicles and specialist items. 

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Moving home is stressful at any time but considering an international move is a particularly overwhelming task.  MPL understand that removals to Australia involve a lot of planning and offer guidance and help every step of the way.  We pride ourselves in offering a high quality international removals at greatly reduced prices.  Our many years of experience in providing removals to Australia means you can rest assured that your belongings will be shipped quickly and securely.

Here we look at the benefits of moving with MPL.

For Removals to Australia We Save You Time and Money

The cost of moving to Australia should not be underestimated; it is not limited to shipping and removal charges, there are many other costs which need to be considered.  For example, flights for you and your family members, plus the added expense of transportation from the airport to your new home.  Are you planning on taking any pets with you?  If so, this is likely to cost more than a flight for yourself as you will need to take account of quarantine charges and any vet bills.  If applicable the transportation of any vehicles, be that the family car or a vehicle used for work, will incur shipping and importation costs, with import duty and Goods Services Tax (GST) payable on arrival.  Not to mention that vehicles will be inspected and may require modification to comply with Australian safety standards. Last but not least, you will need to consult the Australian Embassy regarding the cost and type of Visa application you and your family members require.  Ensuring that you are in good health prior to applying for your Visa is imperative but as a migrant you may be subject to medical tests and will be liable to pay for these regardless of pursuing your visa application or not.

Once everything is considered you will realise just how important it is to obtain a good price for making the move to Australia.  Prices for removals to Australia vary considerably so be sure to obtain a number of quotes before making a decision on which company to use.  At MPL we can remove the burden of contacting lots of different companies by comparing quotes on your behalf helping to save you time and money.  This free of charge service will provide you with an online quote outlining the price of your move at a glance.

Through our extensive network of partners we are able to compare prices with hundreds of quality removal companies and provide you with the most competitive rates without compromising on service.  Unlike with other companies, any savings that we make are passed directly to our customers. 
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For Removals to Australia We Help You Choose the Service That's Right for You

For removals to Australia, there are three main options available for the shipping of your possessions: 

Removals to Australia: Full Container Load
This option provides you with sole use of a container for shipping your furniture and possessions.  Depending on how much you plan to move will depend on whether we recommend a 20ft or 40ft container to transport your items.

Removals to Australia: Groupage
This service is suitable for smaller moves which do not require an entire container.  Similar consignments for the same destination will be packaged together and on arrival at the port the container will be carefully unpacked and delivered to your home.

Removals to Australia: Airfreight
This service is the most costly of the three and generally only recommended for items which are required quickly including important documents and clothing.

In addition to shipping to Australia, we can also provide a number of options to make your move as stress free and simple as possible.  Taking advantage of our packing service could save you money in the long run and free up your time to make all those last minute arrangements and say your goodbyes.  Our experienced and expertly trained staff will ensure that your belongings, including fragile items, are securely wrapped so that they arrive safely at your new home.  Many years of experience means that the space in each box is maximised to minimise the space it takes up in the container.  By utilising a professional packing service you will also find that many insurance companies provide a more comprehensive cover at a lower price. 

Should you wish we can assist with the cleaning of the property that you are leaving behind and/or your new home in Australia.  We can also unpack and arrange your furniture and possessions when you reach your new home.  Storage in alarmed containers can be arranged as required, ensuring your personal effects remain safe and dry for as long or short a period as possible.

Our friendly team are on hand to discuss all aspects of your move,  helping you to choose the right combination of services to suit your individual requirements.

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For Removals to Australia We Are Reliable

Moving to Australia will no doubt be one of the biggest and stressful events of your life, it is therefore essential that you select a removal company that you can rely on.  Choosing a company which has prior experience of removals to Australia and a proven track record is vital.  Make sure you take up references with your chosen removal company and check the length of trading history. 

For complete peace of mind, most of the companies which MPL partner with are accredited by the British Association of Removers (BAR) and FAIM, the only quality standard for the international moving industry.   Companies registered by these industry standards are required to undergo stringent compliance procedures every couple of years by an independent consultant to ensure that the services they provide meet the highest possible standards.  Dealing with a BAR and FAIM accredited organisation will help to ensure that your move runs as smoothly as possible.

For Removals to Australia We Will Help You With All Aspects of Your Move
At MPL we understand what a daunting task relocating to Australia can be and that’s why we are at hand to help from start to finish.  During your move you can rest assured there will always be someone at the end of the phone to answer questions or concerns.  We are more than happy to talk you through the customs clearance process and provide advice on what documents will need to be produced on arrival and what items you will need to declare.  We can also advise and provide removals insurance to make certain that your belongings are protected during transit.

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Moving to Australia - In the Spotlight: Adelaide

Moving Partnership (MPL) provide international removals to Australia including removals and shipping to the city of Adelaide.  Our partnerships with removal companies worldwide enable us to obtain the lowest prices for removals to Australia which, we then pass on to our customers.  If you’re looking at moving to Australia, we provide a free of charge service comparing a range of removal quotes on your behalf and will advise you on selecting the most suitable service to meet your requirements.  MPL ensure our services for removals to Australia are of the highest standard and partner mostly with companies that are BAR/FAIM accredited. 

The size of your move will determine  the shipping service that we provide.  20 or 40ft containers are recommended for full container removals to Australia, whilst smaller moves will be packaged as a grouped consignment. Any urgent items such as documentation are usually sent by air freight.  MPL can additionally advise and arrange the shipping of pets, vehicles and specialist items.

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Moving to Australia: About Adelaide
If you’re thinking of moving to Australia then the city of Adelaide, the fifth largest in Australia, offers something for everyone.  Located in South Australia with a population of little over a million, Adelaide boasts a climate that we Brits can only dream about.  Year round blue skies with winter lows of 16 degrees and summers of around 28 offers the perfect climate to enjoy the Adelaide Hills and stunning beaches.

Adelaide City was surveyed and designed by Colonel William Light in 1836 who had a vision of a compact city centre surrounded by plentiful open space.  The streets of Adelaide are arranged in a grid encompassed by an expanse of open heritage parklands covering half of the city.

As the wine capital of Australia and home to a diverse cultural mix, Adelaide is an excellent city to enjoy an eclectic mix of food ranging from Asian fusion to Argentinean cuisine, accompanied by fine local wines in the city’s many fashionable restaurants.  Be sure to sample the stunning whites of the Adelaide Hills, the Clare Valley Rieslings and the Barossa Valley and Coonawarra Reds - you won’t be disappointed!

Moving to Australia: Living in Adelaide

There are a lot of things to consider when moving to Australia, taking a holiday is an entirely different experience to building a home and a living there.  You need to be sure that the place you choose to live will be right for you and your family and with Adelaide you’re unlikely to go far wrong.  However do bear in mind that the cost of living in Adelaide is far higher that many other places in Australia but in terms of city living it is more affordable than Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. 

Although a city, many of Adelaide’s suburbs offer country living within easy reach of a vast array of facilities via its first class transport system which has seen the biggest ever single investment by the state Government.  The transformation and investment in Adelaide’s transport system which started in 2008 has taken place as a direct result of the record number of people switching to public transport.  This transport network provides a fast, efficient and green timetable of trains, buses and trams awarding Adelaide as one of the most liveable and sustainable cities in Australia.

In a survey conducted in 2010 of the top ten Australian suburbs to live, four were located in Adelaide: Kensington Gardens, North Plympton, Sheidow Park and Highbury.

Younger people should look to Sheidow Park or Highbury which offer low crime rates and affordable housing with average prices ranging from $350,000-$380,000 respectively.  Sheidow Park is located near to Hallet Core Beach and approximately 30 minutes drive from Adelaide’s city centre or CBD (Central Business District) as it is more commonly referred to.  This is a location offering great family appeal with lots of first time buyers building new houses or renovating older properties.

Highbury is set against a backdrop of hills and close to Linear Park offering some beautiful views.  Highbury offers a fabulous selection of shops, restaurants and eateries; good schooling and theatres are also close at hand.  With fast transport links to the city (only 15 minutes by bus) and 30 minutes to the sea, Highbury offers a great base from which to work and enjoy family life.

Kensington Gardens and North Plympton are by comparison suburbs occupied by those with much higher incomes and are reflected in the median price of property which is around $615,000 in Kensington Gardens and $419,000 for a house in North Plymouth.  Apartments in the North Plympton area can be purchased for around $300k.  For this reason the average age of the population in these suburbs is nearing 50. 

Kensington Gardens is a quiet leafy suburb situated within easy walking distance of the city centre and the Hornsnell Gully Conservation Park providing a fabulous location for working families.  With all amenities accessible within a 10 minute drive and a great atmosphere it’s not surprising that most are excited about living there.  Nearby suburbs include Erindale, Hazelwood Park, Burnside and Wattle Park.

North Plympton is located about 6kms from the city and the beach and offers a quiet, convenient and safe neighbourhood.  As well as easy access to the cities state-of-the-art transport system, North Plympton is close to the airport, has great bike tracks and a wealth of parks for the kids.  Neighbouring suburbs consist of Plympton, Glandmore and Netley.

Adelaide is a city which offers a truly family friendly vibe and definitely a location not to be overlooked if you’re thinking of moving to Australia.

Moving to Australia: Working in Adelaide
South Australia welcomes migrants from all cultures, particularly those with much needed skills to continue the development of the state.

Moving to Australia will allow you take advantage of the Australians long standing culture of a positive work-life balance.  A typical working day starts at nine and finishes 5, leaving plenty of hours of sunshine left to enjoy outdoor pursuits with the family.

The economy in Adelaide is centred on manufacturing, defence technology and research.  The General Motor Holden plant in Elizabeth is one of the major employers in Adelaide producing almost half of the cars manufactured in Australia.  Electronics is now the biggest industry in Adelaide employing 14,000 people with a 15% growth in revenue year on year since its establishment in 1990.

Moving to Australia: Leisure in Adelaide
If you decide on moving to Australia, Adelaide provides no end of open space and attractions to enjoy and explore.  Adelaide is surrounded by parkland and offers the perfect weather to take advantage of leisurely walks, picnics and games.  The biggest park in Adelaide is 17 hectare Bonython Park situated on the northwest side of the River Torrens.  This park features playing fields, children’s playgrounds, numerous barbecue stations and netball courts; it is also host to frequent events.

If you’re looking to explore the South Australia’s wildlife then visit Monarto Zoo a huge conservation park and open range zoo or feed the kangaroos at Cleland Wildlife Park where animals roam free in a huge expanse of native bushland.

If you’re more of a beach person, then you’re in luck as Adelaide offers the closest and most accessible beaches of any Australian capital.

Adelaide is renowned for Festivals and a city that most definitely loves to party.  The weather in Adelaide is at its best in March with this time of year known as ‘event season’.  Adelaide is home to the Adelaide Festival of Arts & the Fringe Festival, Australia's leading festival which runs every two years in March.  This unique festival begun in 1960 and is the largest of its kind in the world.  This spectacular event takes over the city of Adelaide and is visited by tourists from around the globe.

Other popular tourist attractions include Kangaroo Island offering wildlife, history and adventures or the Botanic Gardens which are home to the largest and oldest glasshouses in a Botanic Garden in the Southern Hemisphere.

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