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Moving to Australia - In the Spotlight: New South Wales

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In this article, we explore the state of New South Wales.

Moving to Australia - The State of New South Wales

Home to 7.2million residents, almost a third of the total national population, the state of New South Wales is the most populous and industrial state in Australia. 

Offering a diverse landscape of coastline and outback and a favourable climate, it’s not surprising that New South Wales continues to be a popular location for migration.  New South Wales is located in the South East of Australia and is blessed with mild winters and warm summers which most of us can only dream about.  It is also home to Australia’s capital, Canberra, and the country’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, Sydney. 

New South Wales is awash with fascinating landmarks making it a geographical wonderland which is popular with tourists.  Whilst the west of the state is dry and arid, the east is lush and green with farmland dotted in-between. The state of New South Wales has no shortage of long stunning beaches to enjoy in the summer and mountain ranges offering a raft of snow sports to enjoy in the winter.

The city of Sydney is one of Australia’s oldest and largest cities, possibly best known for its Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and being host to the 2000 Olympic Games.  But Sydney has so much more to offer besides. Its many accessible and stunning beaches which stretch from North to South, make Sydney a truly fabulous place to live as there are still plenty of hours of sunshine left once you have finished work. Bondi and Manly are the most famous beaches in Sydney, but these are just two of many. 

As well as beaches, Sydney has a vast and colourful outback, meandering waterways and Australia’s highest mountain range.  The Snowy Mountains stretch from Canberra to Victoria and are the location of Mount Kosciuszko, the highest mountain in Australia which towers more than 7000ft above sea level and is covered in snow from June right through to October.  This range of mountains is not only popular with climbers but is home to Australia’s only ski resorts which include Thredbo and Perisher.  Another mountain range, the Blue Mountains, whose name is derived from the blue haze produced by the oil of the Eucalyptus forests which surround them, is something of outstanding natural beauty regardless of the time of year they are visited.

As well as the sheer natural beauty of Sydney, you cannot overlook the city’s air of cosmopolitan chic and desire for the finer things in life.  Whilst this is reflected in the relative cost of living, Sydney is considered one of the best cities to live in the world and only marginally more expensive than living in London. Sydney is not only home to one of the world’s great seaports, but is also an important international centre for finance which make it one of the commercial hubs of Australia.

Wollongong is a seaside city situated 82km south of Sydney on the East Coast of New South Wales in an area known as Illawarra. Wollongong which takes its name from the aboriginal, meaning ‘sound of the sea’, is the third largest city in New South Wales with almost 300,000 residents.  The city’s multicultural population makes Wollongong an exciting place to live in terms of its entertainment and dining scene. Its many restaurants, cafes and bars offer a diverse mix of tastes and flavours to cater for everyone.  Wollongong’s free weekly market on a Friday at the lower end of the popular shopping district of Crown Street Mall, provides the ideal opportunity to sample some of the wonderful cuisine available in this city. Try the Asian inspired curries or Korean style cuisine or, for those with a sweeter tooth, the homemade cakes on offer. 

The Wollongong markets are also popular for therapeutic treatments such as massage and iridology readings; farm fresh fruit and vegetables and beautiful homemade creations such as jewellery and handmade soaps.
Crown Street Mall is a fashionista’s paradise and offers the best shopping in the Illawarra district.  The Mall is open 7 days a week, with free parking on Sundays and the vast array of shops make it popular with both residents and tourists.

The main industries of Wollongong include coal mining, steel production and fishing.
The harbour city of Newcastle is located 160km north of Sydney and is the second oldest city in Australia.  The city has an interesting history and was the location of a punishment settlement for convicts in the 1800’s. Today it is better known as the world’s largest harbour for the export of coal. 
The city has a large student population of around 20,000 due to the University of Newcastle and although considered a cosmopolitan location, enjoys a relaxed and welcoming lifestyle with a relatively low cost of living.

Newcastle’s unusual location at the mouth of the Hunter River, make it the only Australian city with a central business district (CBD) simultaneously on the beach and harbour waterfront. The harbour is surrounded by large areas of parkland which, due to the city’s average temperatures of 18-27 degrees, are popular for picnics, bike rides, jogging and relaxing.  Newcastle is also renowned for having some of the best beaches in Australia. Whilst they are popular for all types of water sports, this city has a particular surf culture.  
Located just a short drive from Sydney is the Central Coast which is a popular residential area for those commuting to Sydney for work.  The Central Coast is located on the Pacific between Sydney and Newcastle and is made up of a collection of smaller towns including Umina, Kincumber, Terrigal, Wyong and Gosford, which have amalgamated due to expansion.

Other popular areas for UK emigrants in New South Wales include the coastal areas of Port Macquarie or Ballina, or further inland at Wagga Wagga, Griffith, Broken Hill, Bourke or Dubbo.
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Moving to Australia - In the Spotlight: Queensland

MPL specialise in both domestic and commercial removals to Australia, shipping to all states and territories including the state of Queensland.  Years of experience in providing removals to Australia and a network of partners the majority of which are either FAIM or BAR accredited make us extremely well positioned to provide a high quality and reliable service for removals to Australia.  By comparing quotes for removals to Australia from a wide range of firms, we can provide you with the best price to meet your specific requirements.

We can provide a range of shipping options for removals to Australia including the sole use of a 20 or 40ft container, a groupage service where your items will be packed with others being shipped to the same location, the shipment of specialist items, airfreight for important documents or items required immediately - we will even arrange for the transportation of family pets or vehicles should these services be required.

Whatever your requirements for removals to Australia, our friendly advisers will be available to help you every step of the way.

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In this article, we look at living in the state of Queensland.

Moving to Australia - The State of Queensland

Situated in the North East of Australia’s mainland, the state of Queensland has a population of 4.5 million with thousands more emigrating here every year.  Queensland is currently the fastest growing state in Australia with the best performing economy.  Such rapid economic growth and a growing reputation for innovation have earned Queensland an accolade as the ‘Smart State’.  The Government of Queensland is continually encouraging highly skilled workers to the state to support its growth in return for high standards of living and excellent working conditions.  Of particular importance are the consolidation of industries such as agriculture, mining and tourism and increasingly new technologies in the areas of communications, IT, construction, engineering, biotechnology, health and education.

Australia’s second largest state, Queensland, is surrounded by vibrant modern cities and natural beauty in abundance.  As well as its thriving economy, Queensland offers the lowest costs of living in Australia, a relaxed lifestyle, enviable climate and great food and wine, making it an increasingly popular location for immigrants.  Occupying the same latitude as the likes of Rio de Janeiro, Fiji and Tahiti in the southern hemisphere, and Hawaii and the Caribbean in the northern hemisphere, means that Queensland benefits from a sub-tropical climate, with warm, humid summers and mild, clear winters.

Queensland is perhaps best known for its pristine coastline, in particular the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island - the world’s largest sand island. However it is also the location of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests and a vast outback.

Brisbane, the state capital, has a population of 1.6 million and a reputation built on its laid back way of life.  It enjoys an average of 263 days of sunshine and 10.5hrs of daylight.  These two factors alone probably account for why so many people decide to call Brisbane home. 

As with the rest of Queensland, Brisbane benefits from a thriving economy, predominantly based on IT and finance.  Many Australian and International companies, including Asia-Pacific Aerospace, have chosen Brisbane as a base.

Cairns is a coastal city located in the Far North Queensland region.  It is the fourth most popular destination for international tourists in Australia after Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane due to its close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef.  A spectacular backdrop of lush tropical mountains and sparkling Coral Sea make Cairns a truly wonderful place to visit, let alone live.  Cairns attracts a significant number of Australian holidaymakers so it is not surprising that tourism is the number one industry in this city.  A close second is shopping, with Cairns Centre located in the SBD, Stockland Cairns in the suburb of Earlville and recently refurbished Westcourt - one of the city’s oldest shopping centres.  The Cairns Esplanade Foreshore and Lagoon offers year round swimming, a stunning location for a picnic and a boardwalk for jogging, cycling or a romantic sunset walk.  You can also see weekly entertainment in the form of live music, fire twirling, animal shows and famed Cairns buskers.

The Gold Coast offers yet another truly beautiful place to live in Queensland; choose to live by the beach, opt for a river view on one of the canals or up in the mountains by the Hinterland.  There is also plentiful housing in the middle of town or in the suburbs which are perfect for raising a family.  Australia’s largest non-capital city, the Gold Coast is the sixth largest city in Australia and is fast becoming the regional sporting events capital.  With some 500,000 residents and host to millions of visitors very year, the Gold Coast is a particularly exciting community to live in.  With over 50 suburbs to choose from and new ones being created every year to cater for the rapid growth in population, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Despite the relaxed beach life culture, the fast population growth has seen a big expansion in the number and quality of education and health services on the Gold Coast.

If coastal or city living are not for you then a country location such as Normanton could be what you are looking for.  Normanton is a small cattle town located on the Norman River in the Gulf Country region of the northwest of Queensland.  The Gulf Country, or Gulf Savannah as it is sometimes referred to due to the golden savannah grasslands which it resides on, is home to an abundance of wildlife.  From this beautiful country location you will get to enjoy an outdoors lifestyle in a rustic landscape which boasts stunning sunrises and sunsets. There is a real sense of freedom in Normanton; a strong community spirit in a relaxed and friendly environment is certainly a big part of this town’s appeal.

Other popular residential areas in Queensland include the coastal towns of Surfers Paradise, Gladstone and Rockhampton and inland towns such as Cloncurry, Emerald and Charleville.

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