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Removals to Australia: How Was Christmas and New Year Celebrated in Australia?

If you require removals to Australia, you will want to know how the Aussies celebrate Christmas and New Year. There are certainly some major differences – the weather being the top one – as instead of a snowy Christmas, you can expect Christmas in the sun!

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If you are organising your removals to Australia, here is our brief guide on how Australians celebrate Christmas and New Year.

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Christmas in Australia

In Australia, you definitely won’t need scarves and jackets at this time of year as December 1 is the start of the summer season in Oz. Christmas in Melbourne, for example, can be a sweltering 30 degrees centigrade so you are more likely to celebrate in shorts and a T-shirt and head down the beach, instead of staying out of the cold indoors.

If you require removals to Australia to settle here, Santa is more likely to arrive by boat or on a surfboard at the beach, rather than down the chimney, which is another difference at Christmas time. If you live in Sydney, Bondi Beach is a popular place to head for on Christmas day and attracts thousands of Australians and tourists.

Carols by Candle-light is popular in every state capital city on Christmas Eve. The celebrations - which started in South Eastern Australia and were popularised in Melbourne -  are broadcast across the country. However, there are also smaller ones taking place in cities, towns and schools across the country. And you will find that the wording of many of the carols we know are adapted to suit the Australian climate!

Just as in Britain, people brighten their homes and gardens with festive lights and other decorations and have a Christmas tree. However, one of the main decorations that differ from the UK is Christmas Bush – a native plant with small green leaves and cream flowers that turn red over time. And just like in the UK, you can expect to take down the Christmas decorations 12 days after Christmas

If you are looking for Christmas cards to send back home, you can expect to see the same snowy cards in shops, despite the fact you will be celebrating in the heat! So there won’t be much change there.

However, instead of staying at home, as Christmas falls in line with the school holidays, many families go away during the festive season.

Christmas Dinner

Just like in Britain, the Christmas feast is at lunch time but it may well be served outdoors as barbecues or picnics are often held on Christmas Day.

Christmas dinner sometimes comprises of seafood, such as barbecued lobster or prawns, or cold food, with Pavlova and trifle for afters. The traditional Christmas dinner with turkey may also be served, followed by Christmas pudding with a lucky coin or favour hidden inside. You can also expect to be served mince pies and your dinner will be washed down with champagne to celebrate.

New Year in Australia

Like most places throughout the world, New Year’s Eve is a time to party in Australia - and with great weather over the festive season, lots of people will be celebrating outdoors! The bars, clubs, party boats and beaches are packed with people bringing in the New Year, although some people may hold their own festivities at home and sound horns or trumpets when the clock strikes midnight.

There are all sorts of organised celebrations all over the country to bring in the New Year including parties, balls, dinners and barbecues. Each Australian capital city holds its own New Year celebrations and breathtaking firework displays take place up and down the country. For example, a spectacular firework display is held each year on the Iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and this can be seen up to ten miles away!  In Sydney in 2012/2013, Pop princess Kylie Minogue kick started the celebrations and some 1.6 million people descended on the city to watch the fireworks. Meanwhile, others headed to Bondi Beach for a new year’s dance party with big name DJs.

The city of Melbourne also held two incredible firework displays along with live music and performances to bring in 2013.

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