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Removals to Australia: Where do Australians go for their Holidays?

If you are organising removals to Australia, you will most likely settle within easy reach of a beach but whatever your reasons for moving to the country you will want to go on vacation at one point.

In the UK, it is easy to take a long or short city breaks as countries such as France, Italy and Switzerland are just a short flight away. However, unfortunately this is not the case in Australia where you may well find that a long-haul flight puts Europe outside your reach – unless you are lucky enough to get a lengthy holiday period to recover from the jet-lag.

So, the big question is, where do the Australians go on holiday? Do most Australians holiday on the continent, or are they more likely to jet off to places such as Indonesia or Singapore for their vacations?

If you require removals to Australia, read on to discover some of the top holiday destinations for Australians.

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Top Holiday Destinations for Australians

While most Australians holiday within their own country, there is still a large number who jet off abroad. Statistics show some 45 per cent of Australians seek overseas destinations for a vacation – and the UK is among the top four places to visit outside Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2001)

If you require removals to Australia to settle in the county, here we take a brief look at some great destinations to visit in Australia, and also overseas. This is by no means a comprehensive list as there are lots of fantastic holiday destinations, but this is our pick of some of the best.

Our top Pick of Family Destinations in Australia

For Wildlife - Kangaroo Island, South Australia – This is a wonderful family destination which you can reach by air (30 minute flight) or by ferry from Adelaide. Some of the things your children can expect to see are seals, wallabies, koalas, possums and kangaroos in their natural environment.

For Skiing – Mount Horham, Victoria – Yes, you really can go skiing in Australia! Mount Horham, which even has its own airport, is popular with families as it caters for youngsters aged three and upwards. Some of the fun-filled activities include skiing, show boarding and snow mobile rides.

Beach Holiday – Broome, Western Australia – This is a great tourist destination for Australians seeking a beach holiday and is the pearling capital of Australia. June to August is peak season and Broome is famed for its Cable Beach sunsets. The beach is made up of 22km of stunning white sand and has crystal clear water. 

Theme Park - Gold Coast, Queensland – For fun-filled theme park adventures, the kids will love a visit to the Gold Coast where attractions include Sea World (where you can see dolphins, sea lions and penquins) to Movie World, and Australia’s biggest theme park, Dreamworld.

Must Visit - Tasmania – Tasmania, home of the Tasmanian devil, is on many a must visit list. It is a stunning destination with as much as 40 per cent of the island state made up of national parks and reserves. Here you can visit the wildlife sanctuaries, go on a rainforest walk, take a cruise or enjoy fishing and golfing.

Holiday Destinations Outside Australia

Thailand – If you want to holiday in Thailand, flights from Sydney to Bangkok take about nine hours. But despite the lengthy flight, it is a great place to go for a budget holiday as you get more for your money here. Thailand, dubbed the ‘land of smiles’ has some of the best beaches in the world. 

Indonesia – Bali – Flights from Sydney to Bali, Indonesia, take about five hours and 45 minutes. Again it is a popular place to jet to from Australia as it offers a fun-filled tropical paradise with dramatic scenery, mystical temples and fantastic beaches. The flights are relatively cheap and it has a good exchange rate.

New Zealand – With flight times from Sydney to New Zealand taking just two hours and forty minutes, New Zealand is just on the doorstep -  so no wonder it is such a popular destinations for Australians!  You can find out more about Maori culture, marvel at the amazing scenery and mix with the locals.

Fiji – Flight times from Sydney to Fiji are just under four hours so it is a great holiday destination. It is a paradise island nation with as many as 300 beautiful islands, so you will find it a great place to go for anything from family holidays, couples holidays, or a luxury break away. In Fiji you can relax and on the fabulous sandy beaches or enjoy adventure activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, cruising, trekking and kayaking.

Vietnam – Flights from Sydney to Vietnam take just over nine hours, but it is worth it for a budget holiday. The flights are relatively cheap and the cost of living is low when you get there. Vietnam is blessed with some beautiful landscape and varied scenery and the people are friendly too.

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